NCLUG Membership

Membership in NCLUG isn't for everyone, but it's equally true that membership has its privileges. (It wants them back but that's another story.)

Membership Criteria

NCLUG members are people subscribed to the NCLUG mailing list.
If you cannot meet this stringent requirement, you are still welcome to attend NCLUG events.
(You will not, however, be able to cast votes without offering a bribe to the officers.)

Sign up Procedure

Subscribe to the mailing lists or attend an event.
Too easy? If you insist you may buy a round of $BEVERAGES after the next meeting.


NCLUG has a number of more-or-less elected officers. (Elected, that is, only in the theological sense.)

Group Leader
Schedules meeting speakers,
reserves meeting places,
produces and directs web page,
tries to keep the mailing list flame wars On Topic,
posts event announcements to relevant news groups,
manages interface with hosting ISP,
shows up at the last minute with an lcd projector,
siphons banner advertisement revenues.
twenty-five to life.
James DeWitt (jdewitt at verinet dot com)

Last updated: 11 Feb 2004